2018 – Firing Session 2 – Pendants

Firing of the Week 1.15.18

This was the lats time I was able to use the kiln. This year we have been updating the workshop. We needed to insulate and cover the walls. Then we needed to add shelving and drawers to store all of the glass and molds. It has been  VERY long process spanning over 2 1/2 months.

Pre Kiln 

I had a really good time making this batch of glass. I was using a variety of color this time  around. I also played with layering the glass to create new colors or lighten the colors.


I used neo lavender, aquamarine, spring green, violet striker, and neo lavender shift 90 COE glass frit in various sizes: fine, medium & course.

Post Kiln


Post Washing & Photoshoot


I made these little cabochons without a clue what to do with them. I pay put them in polymer clay. I thought of the cute idea of making a set of these in each color. Then I could create little jewel bags. As I played with post kiln I could hear the voice of Hoggle from Labyrinth, “HEY, Those my gems.”

I really like making the yin and yang symbol. This is a a neo lavender and violet striker yin and yang cabochon. I also made some small rainbow dichroic pendants.

I attempted to make the dragonfly pendant again. This time I encased the rainbow dichotic in the neo lavender. It turned out much better then when the rainbow dichroic was on the outside layer. I also made another leopard print style journey circle.

I wanted to make another green & blue journey circle. The larger darker journey circle will be used for the center piece in a soap or alter dish.

I value our Bonnie Glo Kiln because I am able to fit so many more molds into the kiln. I remember when I first started I was only able to make 1 journey circle a week. To be able to make over 20 pendants is super special.