Dichroic Glass Pendants

Firing of the Week 11.10.17

 I  created pendants from leftover clear, green, and various dichroic pieces of glass. These left over pieces of glass were created when I cut the glass for my plates. I hadn’t made pendants in this style for awhile, so I was happy to use scrap glass and make some beautiful and unique pieces.

Pre Kiln

Post Kiln

I love how these look! On the downside the kiln paper that I used to create the pendant holes crumbled. You can see the kiln paper in the image below. In order to fix my mistake I used a diamond head drill.

The image below was taken after I washed all of the kiln paper away. I love the dichroic colors that shine off of the glass. The various textures are gorgeous.


Here are some closer shots of the pendants.

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