Light Pink Striker – 90 COE Glass Color

Firing of the Week 11.6.17

COE 90 – Light Pink Striker

Pre Kiln – Post Kiln





In this post I am going to talk about using the color Light Pink Striker. When you are looking at a pre kiln frit glass containers check to see if STRIKER is written on the bottle description. That will be an indicator that the color will change significantly under high temperatures. In this case Light Pink Stiker Frit Glass turned from a light pink color to a ruby red. When working with striker colors it is good to fire a sample piece to tape to the bottle, that way you can be reminded of what color it changes to.




I used the striker color change to make red and green holiday ornaments. The red that I currently had was much darker and would become opalescent instead of translucent. I used my signature rainbow clear dichroic frit glass to add a rainbow effect when the sun hits the glass. I plan to create more window hangers out of the journey circles. I love the way the sun runs through the glass creating a shadow of that color.