First Plate Fusing

Firing of the WeekΒ 11.26.17

This was my very first plate fusing session. I was planning to place them in stores to be sold during the holidays. This had been a long time goal. I was so sucessful that I was able to make slump dishes, soap dishes, and pendants to be sold for the holidays. I was also able to gift some of these items to my family and friends.

Pre Kiln

I placed three pendants to be fused as well as the plates. I had the space so I wanted to use it. I took this opportunity to play with metallic colored powders. Sadly, I havent had the best luck using these powders during a fusing session. I have had better luck using the powders in frit glass versus plated glass.

Post Kiln

The fused plates fired PEREFECTLY!! I was so excited to fire fuse glass for the first time and have it be successful.

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