First Soap Dish

Firing of the Week 11.27.17

This is a slumping session.

Pre Kiln

This was the VERY FIRST time that I had made a soap dish. I was very nervous about the glass not fusing strong enough or it fusing but slumping too much. Essentially I was preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. I took these beautiful fused pieces of dichoric glass from the previous fusing session. You can read more about that here.


Post Kiln

I ended up removing two of the journey circles from the image above. I was nervous about how they would turn out so I only wanted to test one journey circle. That way, if it didn’t turn out properly I would’ve only lost two pieces of material versus 6.

It turned out PERFECTLY! I was so happy with the results. I was finally able to make a soap dish. A goal that I had for over a year has finally come tro fruition. The two other plates were given away during the holiday season.

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