Fusing Glass

Firing of the Week 12.13.17

Fusing Session – Plates

Pre Kiln Firing –

I forgot to take more pre kiln firing photos. Sometimes that happens when I am in the middle of creating. I can’t stop the flow to document it for others. I have to keep swimming down the creative wave while I’m riding it. Occasionally I live stream while I am making glass. You can find me at @SamshineGlass

Post Kiln Firing –

During this firing session I learned about the importance of cleaning your hands and your glass before placing them in the kiln. If you do not do this you can end up with finger prints trapped between the glass.

During this firing session I placed the dichroic glass on top. I did this with the intent of keeping the texture in the dichroic glass. I was planning to create mermaid themed soap dishes with these fused glass pieces so I wanted the texture. The texture reminds me of abalone.

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