Fusing Glass

Firing of the Week 12.30.17

On 12.30.17 I fused this glass in preparation for slumping it. I also created a bunch of triangular rainbow dichroic pendants from scrap pieces of glass. I sent those finished pendants to my friend for wire wrapping.

Pre Kiln Firing Session

Post Kiln Firing Session

I am always nervous when adjusting the firing schedule. I start to fear that I’ll mess something up and my glass will fire so hot that it will turn black and melt together. Just a little window into the worries of a glass worker.

I was really happy with how the pendants turned out in this firing session. This was the first time that I made pendants in a triangular shape and with no existing pendant holes. I had a few scraps of dichroic glass and I wanted to fuse them between clear glass.

The green dichroic pieces of glass remind me of beetles shells. Which is another reason why I wanted to encapsulate them in clear glass. I really loved how these all turned out. Some will be perfect for wire wrapping and some will be super beautiful paper weights.

The long rectangular pieces of glass were cut to be used as incense burners. I used stringers to introduce color into the glass. I really like how the incense burners turned out. I was able to successfully slump one incense burner. Since the Jen Ken kiln is currently under maintenance, I have been unable to slump more than one incense burner. On another note, I need to order more incense burner slump molds so I can slump more than one at a time per firing. A lot of people have expressed interest in purchasing an incense burner.