Fusing Dichroic Glass

Firing of the Week 1.22.18

Pre Kiln –

I want to start off by apologizing for the low quality in my photos in this post. I fused these pieces late at night with terrible lighting. We were in the process of remodeling our workshop. We had not installed the proper lighting over the kiln. The outcome were these dark photos that I had to edit.


This was the last fusing session that I had before the kiln broke. At this point I was happily making glass, thinking that I would continue this process. Then like the hanged man I waited 6 months before I could get back to doing what I love.


Post Kiln –


These turned out perfectly. I was so happy with the outcome. The dichroic glass in these pieces are just flawless. This fusing session went miraculously. I placed the clear glass over the top of the dichroic glass, which allowed for the beauty in the colors and texture to pop.


These beautiful pieces will eventually become dishes.

Post Washing & Photo Shoot –


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