Making a Dish


This is the visual process of how I make rainbow dichroic glass dishes.

It starts with cutting out the sheets of glass. The process of cutting out the glass takes at least 5 hours. I am taking sheets of glass that are 3 by 3 feet and smaller and cutting them down to size. Sometimes I mess up and shatter the whole sheet of glass. That is a very frustrating mistake, but with every skill you learn.

I make two layers of glass for each plate. The plates have one layer of clear glass on top of a layer of dichroic glass. After I have placed all of the glass into the kiln it is time to fire it.

When you first open the kiln the dichroic glass doesn’t show off the potential of it’s beauty. Once you place it in the sun you can really see the new colors that have appeared from the firing process.

Once the glass has been fused I will place it back in the kiln for a slumping. The image below shows you what a slumping mold looks like.

Then I add the journey circles or crescent moons to turn them into soap dishes and alter dishes. You can place a bar of soap on them and it won’t melt into the dish. You can also place your gemstones on the dish and use the crescent moon to seperate the gemstones and keep them from touching while they charge or sit in your room.

Now it is time to start the kiln to slump the glass.

After the slumping. Can you notice how the glass has slumped into the mold?

I love how these fired. They are gorgerous. Now I will need to sand and polish the sides of the dishes.

You can find my glass in various stores in California and support me on Patreon. Thank you so much for checking out my glass and reading about my process.