Light Pink Striker – 90 COE Glass Color

Firing of the Week 11.6.17 COE 90 - Light Pink Striker Pre Kiln - Post Kiln         In this post I am going to talk about using the color Light Pink Striker. When you are looking at a pre kiln frit glass containers check to see if STRIKER is written on the [...]

2018 – Firing Session 2 – Pendants

Firing of the Week 1.15.18 This was the lats time I was able to use the kiln. This year we have been updating the workshop. We needed to insulate and cover the walls. Then we needed to add shelving and drawers to store all of the glass and molds. It has been  VERY long process [...]

Pink Striker + Rainbow Dichroic Heart

These colors!!  These textures!! I look at them and I begin to fantasize about another world in which everyday landscapes or species of flora/fauna depict these beautiful textures and colors. There is something spectacular about the combination of colors and textures represented through this piece and within every heart that I create. I wish that [...]