Ruby Rex Studio

Ruby Rex Studio

I have been lucky enough to collaborate with Ruby Rex Studio in August 2018 selling these neo lavender rainbow dichroic 90COE glass cabochons. Ruby Rex Studio has beautiful wire wrapped high quality gemstones and handmade crystal jewelry.  It is a blessing to connect and collaborate with a fellow artist across states. Working with Ruby Rex Studio has been nothing but enjoyable.

Ruby Rex Studio sells gorgeous products! At first I didn’t recognize my glass when I was scrolling through social media. I thought it was a purple opal or purple fluorite. Then I read the description.  WOW!

To me, a successful collaboration provides a product in which all artists can showcase their talents. I didn’t see a creative path for these cabochons until Ruby Rex Studio showed me that path by wire wrapping them.

 I am honored to join Ruby Rex Studio. Look at these!! They are amazing!! You can only find them sold through Ruby Rex Studio.

Follow the link and search Samshine to find my rainbow dichroic glass cabachons wire wrapped by Ruby Rex Studio.

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