Individual buyers can purchase Samshine Glass in store or online. Follow the links below to find out which series are listed in stores. You may need to contact the store to ask “What Samshine Glass is currently still available in your store?” Better yet, go into the store and look for yourself. Samshine Glass is far more beautiful in person.

Go Ask Alice

Air & Fire

Ruby Rex Studio

Medicine Sun

Shop owners contact me directly through Glass is sold by Series. These series consists of 3 to 9 pieces that relate to a specific theme. This could be the color, the shape of the glass, or the style of wrapping that indicates the series theme.

Glass Options:

  • Mini Heart Pendant
  • Mini Circular Pendant
  • Heart Pendant
  • Journey Circle Pendant
  • Dragonfly Pendant
  • Soap Dish
  • Small Dish
  • Large Dish
  • Alter Plate
  • Cabochon Set
  • Green Woman
  • Green Man
  • Mask

Color of Glass: 

  • Black
  • Red
  • Coral Orange
  • Spring Green
  • Dark Green
  • Light Pink
  • Bright Pink
  • Aquamarine
  • Indigo
  • Clear
  • Lavender
  • Gold

THINGS TO REMEMBER: All of my glass is handmade by me in my workshop in the Bay Area, California. Every piece is unique and collectible. You can save these pieces for your collection or gift them to someone you love.