“Oh. My. Gods. My hubs is in love with his oceany necklace! It’s so much more beautiful in person, and it was so pretty in pictures! He hasn’t taken it off in the few hours we’ve had it haha. And Sam included a few other amazing goodies that were SO freaking appreciated! The earrings are super freaking amazing and I especially love the ones with pentacles!! And the stickers & chakra affirmations? Don’t even get me started. My hubs is working on his throat & root chakras, I have no idea how you knew that!! And my hubs put a sticker on his phone case that he felt was most him- it may or may not be the Pisces one but it’s definitely the most him haha. Oh man. Just.. thank you a million times over. You are a breutiful person, a wonderful friend & a brilliant creatress. So much love to you!!!” – SacredMoon-Alchemy, 2017


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“Samshine Mystic’s work is simply beautiful. Her headdresses are impeccably made, original and reminiscent of art nouveau style head ware. I love all of the pieces I have had made by her! Her tarot readings are well put and have clear wisdom and insight into my life.” – Eva Rose, Red Hot Burlesque Dancer 2016


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“Sam’s Gemini New Moon spread was a treasure to come back to and check in with throughout the month of June. What I appreciated about the reading was that it encouraged me to look inward and questions the things I brought on myself. In one instance, the Five of Swords was drawn to symbolize the overall vibe of the Gemini moon cycle, which indicated that I would find myself in a heated argument with someone I care about. Instead of suggesting ways to navigate around this conflict (which honestly was inevitable), Sam posed questions that allowed me to draw sense and meaning from the situation. Sam’s readings in general provide much more agency to the querent than I’ve felt with other readings because of these self-reflective questions that, after answering earnestly, help you to push on or let go of what you’re struggling with. Sam just did my summer solstice reading, and I look forward to carrying this new set of probing questions with me in this moon cycle.” – Simone L. 2016

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“Samantha has a talent as a creator and intuitive healer. Card reading and Astrology is done with such accuracy even long distance new moon or full! Her intuitive wisdom is of the stars! Readings whether chart, transit (or a combination of both with a card selection) have assisted great development and empowerment on my life path! She went into incredible detail about my strengths and weaknesses, obstacles and opportunities with each reading and nailed it on the head! Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Head Dresses, Prayer Beads!!! Each and every one of them unique, healing and eye catching! I feel like an absolute goddess when I wear her pieces. If you haven’t had the chance to try on her mystical rainbow treasures, do yourself a solid and get to it!” – Kristen Gradwohl, intuitive clairvoyant, clairaudient, sound healer. You can catch her on stage with Valley Soul or Monster Lips. 2016

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“I Love my ring!! The design and fit are perfect.” – AnnieP67 2015